When weakness really is strength. . .

Weary eyes nod off at the lunch table; toddler demanding and infant conducting a continual test of vocal cords.

Dishes tower high, laundry baskets overflow, two weeks and a half left in the month and not enough money to feed a bird, let alone a family of four, too many things to do. . . and Husband comes home late from work. . .again.

Then, the vise twists once more and I snap under pressure.

and she. . . that girl with they messy hair all in her face, a band-aid on her chin and a stuffed rat in arm.
This gift from God. . . she is Jesus to me in this moment. She looks at me with her big brown eyes and furrowed brow.

“Mommy, you have a grumpy heart”. And that grumpy heart of mine sank down to my toes.



Why is it so easy to walk thru life without a hint of joy? Hope? Trust?

Why does weakness cast such a shadow of doubt in this weary heart of mine? Doesn’t he say:

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”?

Self reliance steals the rest that is found in GOD reliance.

I held that girl tight, wept and prayed for a changed heart. “Let me be weak Lord, and trust that you can do so much more in my

weakness than in my self reliance.”

Therefore [let us] boast all the more gladly about [our] weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may dwell in [us].

2 Corinthains 2:19

. . . Repost from 2012. Reflecting.

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