For Thirty One months I have journeyed, sometimes not knowing how I would survive. . . sometimes not wanting to survive. Thirty one months of raw – pain like I have never experienced. The demolition, the wrecking. . . then the clearing out of the mess of it all and rebuilding. My Thirty One month pilgrimage has come to a beautiful end. Only this isn’t an end, but a beginning. A re-birth of sorts. . . a gift from a kind and faithful God.

I rejoice in the work God has done. . . He has taken a shattered vessel and put it back piece by piece in a new and beautiful way. He helped me to claw my way out of the valley, set me upon the Rock and gave me life, peace, hope and joy. This feeling of overwhelming joy and gratitude coupled with ache is unlike any I’ve experienced. Navigating through a new season is never uncomplicated and knowing what’s best next can be a struggle. Simple yet profound-to-my-heart words repeating in my head “It’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are. . . and you are well”.

He has made me well. . . it is well with my soul.


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